Divorce/Post Divorce


Divorce/Post Divorce

Why Counseling?

The word "counseling" has represented something strange and unknown. Comments such as "counseling, that's for people who are sick, abnormal or crazy! That's not me!" are often heard.

What is counseling? Who needs it? What is it for? Who goes for counseling?

Counseling is a way to learn new life skills and begin to become more effective in dealing with things in everyday life. The counseling process gives people new tools to put in their tool bags so they can more easily maintain their lives.

In life there are many problems. They can range from feeling down, parenting issues, marital difficulties, divorce, co-parenting after divorce, problems with drugs or alcohol, aging parents, death of a family member, or even just improving how we get along with ourselves and others.

Counseling offers a safe place where problems can be aired and the time can be taken to look at ourselves and grow.

Often the counseling process is seen as painful or scary. Although it is true that the issues looked at are sometimes scary, people learn to deal with those problems by using strengths; as well as, to laugh and like themselves in a counseling session.

The main purpose of counseling is to learn to become effective in controlling our own lives.

Who Comes for Counseling?

People from all walks of life, and all ages benefit from counseling. Effective people who are looking to grow, change and become more effective come for counseling.

What Services Are Available?

Individual, marriage/couple, divorce, family and group counseling are available. After the initial interview, it is jointly decided by the counselor and the client which option is appropriate.

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